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There's much I would like to post about this week, but time is short, and the process of moving colliding with my workload exhausts my remaining hours. I'll try and get up a few more posts before Friday; afterwards, blogging will be suspended until the far side of GDC. A few short comments...

  • We finished Twilight Princess yesterday. If I had time, I would dig into a critique of the design of this game, but I think on the whole this is an impossibility right now. Although I thoroughly enjoyed it, and have the greatest of respect for Eiji Aonuma and his team, I cannot shake the sense that while the Zelda games continue to improve, it is harder for established fans to be impressed by the newer titles, as so much that happens is reiteration of the essential structure. Classic though this structure is, it is clearly time for the franchise to experience some reinvention; Miyamoto-san has already said as much.
  • We won't be taking our Wii over to the US; does this mean we have to lose all our Miis? If anyone knows how to get Miis off a Wii, please let me know.
  • Played Car Wars on Sunday for the first time in years; a healthy dose of tabletop battle nostalgia. It is amazing how time consuming the games of this era were, but it in no way dulled my enjoyment of them at the time.
  • An Elric movie was announced in 2003, but there's no listing for this project on the IMDB... I assume this is languishing in production limbo, but if anyone knows otherwise please let me know.
  • As a leaving present, one of my friends spearheaded the making of some beautiful hexagonal boxes for Black Sun and Lost Island. I'll try and get a picture up at some point.

More soon, I hope...


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There are solutions for downloading them to your bluetooth enable PC, I believe. But there are easier ways.

1) Will you be bringing a Wii-mote? Because you can store up to 10 of them there.

2) Alternately, you can send them to a friend and have them send them back once you've got a new machine.

I volunteer to be your Mii bank, if you like. My friend code is on the contact page of the blog.

If I transfer the Miis by either of these two methods, I will not be able to edit the Miis, I believe. On the other hand, this is perhaps better than losing them forever. :) I was really hoping to get to the actual files...

Let me work out who will inherit our UK Wii and sort it out from there - there may be no need for a third party. Many thanks for the offer though! Much appreciated.

Hey Chris! Good luck with moving--from the inferred timetable I'm definitely not going to be catching you in the UK, sad to say. But Moving to my home country is no way to avoid a visit, only prolonging the inevitable slightly! :)

I thought of you and your observation of so many different holidays not long ago--while I'm a Catholic, and so yesterday was observing the beginning of Lent, right now I'm in Bangkok, Thailand, and so I've had the great pleasure of seeing ethnic Chinese/Chinese nationals celebrate the Chinese New Year. Chinatown in Bangkok was jam-packed with people wearing red shirts (Thais wear yellow, the royal color, on Monday, the day the king was born--they seem big fans of color-coordinated shirt-wearing), and in a square near a large ceremonial arch stand two large stone lion statues. It was really quite something to watch crowds of people approach the lions, rubbing their heads or paws or tails with evident affection, and then passing their wallets through the lion's mouth, for prosperity in the coming year. I sadly didn't have my camera at the time, but I figured you'd appreciate the description of a holiday time not well known to Westerners. Good luck with the packing!

Thanks Jack! I appreciate your short "Postcards from the World". :) Happy travels!

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