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Hummingbirds & Groundhogs

Finally, my wife and I will be completing our move to Knoxville this weekend. As a result, there will be further disruption of the blog this week as we tackle packing and so forth around my rather full work schedule. However, within a few weeks of the move everything should be settled down and we can get back to nonsense as usual. Which reminds me, I'll be announcing the start date for the Ethics Campaign shortly. 

I have enjoyed staying here in the countryside outside of Nashville, though. There's a groundhog who has moved into a hollow under a tree next to the high-tech log cabin where we are staying, and the hummingbirds flit around the porch swing in an entertaining fashion. We have neither species in the UK, and both are entertaining neighbours. Still, it will be nice to get into a place of our own again.


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