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A Bus Load of Tourists

Friday's piece updating the status of the DGD2 research was the first post in a while to attract some wider attention. I'm not entirely certain all the attention was welcome, but I cannot begrudge a trackback, even if it does occasionally have the side effect of bringing a virtual busload of tourists to the blog. I've greatly enjoyed reading people's comments on the hypothetical play style inventory, but it has been slightly disappointing that (apparently) I didn't make it sufficiently clear that we haven't done this round of research yet, and therefore no conclusions can yet be reached.

The cause of the influx was trackbacks from Kotaku, Level Up and Sumodownload, of which I'm guessing the Kotaku link was the most influential in the incursion. It's been quiet for a quite a while with the trackbacks, and I've been enjoying the more leisurely rate at which new visitors have dropped by.

The most surprising side effect of the visitors was a trackback on the Skeptics piece from this blog, in which it is referenced largely as a viewpoint to be resisted (or at least, such is the implication). I didn't feel that the Skeptics piece went too far, and it clearly marks out the positive benefits to society of having people around with a sceptical outlook. The real criticism came much later in the Trust in Science piece. Empiricism is essential to science, and when a sceptical outlook is founded on empiricism, little harm can result. But when sceptical conclusions are taken as factual in an a priori fashion, what is going on cannot fairly be described as science. As for dowsing for marijuana - that the student's liberties can be quashed so casually horrifies me far more than a kooky method for violations of privacy.

Lastly, I'd just like to announce a new addition to the Other Curiosities list in the sidebar; Ophelia from the Gamersinfo site has started up Out There as her new blog. I met her at GDC this year; one of those rare game journalists with both integrity and insight. She asks in passing what the readers of game journalism want to get from the experience - I encourage game enthusiasts to drop by and share your comments.

Expect some more disruption to blogging this week, but next week things should (finally!) settle back to a familiar rhythm, and a week tomorrow we will finally begin the Ethics Campaign. It should be good fun!

See you around...


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