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Advice on Raimon Panikkar

Does anyone have a good working knowledge of the truly exceptional Catholic Priest Raimon Panikkar? Everything I have read by Panikkar thus far has been fantastic, and completely compatible with where my path seems to be taking me. If anyone can advise me as to one of his books that will make a good starting point for someone chiefly interested in Panikkar's call for interreligious dialogue, I would be most grateful. Also, would his book Cultural Disarmament: The Way to Peace be relevant for my current Ethics campaign, or will this be more relevant when we get to Politics?

Thanks in advance!


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I just like to inform you about my book on raimon panikkar, entitled: A NEW HERMENEUTIC OF REALITY. RAIMON PANIKKAR'S COSMOTHEANDRIC VISION.

Publisher: Peter Lang AG

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