A Bus Load of Tourists

Mandatory Acquiescence

This morning, I was issued my US identity card. Having resisted them in the UK, it's unfortunate to have to get one here, but sadly so engrained in the culture is the automobile that one can do very little without a driver's license. The people here don't even see it as an identity card, although pragmatically, it is used that way. (Also, I must note that the US driving test is really quite laughable compared to the tortures of the British test).

Fortunately, the acquisition of this little plastic card more or less complete the rituals of moving - except for the fact that no credit card company this side of the Atlantic seems to have the courtesy or insight to offer me a UK credit check, and thus I am treated as a person with "no credit" (despite having quite excellent credit). I am reminded of Hannah Arendt's characterisation of bureaucracy as "rule of no-one".

Thus ends (hopefully) the disruption to blogging caused by moving, and normal service should resume on Tuesday. Have fun everyone - and those of us watching the Eurovision Song Contest this weekend, may the most ridiculous band win!


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Ahhh yes, I remember the no-credit situation upon moving to YankeeDoodleDandy Land. To be fair, though, do we really have reason to believe that moving to England would be any different in this respect?

Good news on the credit front, though -- it really does not take all that long before mega corporations are prepared to lend you sums of money that make your eyes water.


My wife moved to the UK with me and had no problem getting added to my credit cards whatsoever. She was also able to get real chip shop chips. It was a sweet deal. ;)

Once again, welcome to that place not very far away from my own home. It is good to have you here.

...and now for anecdotes...

When I first arrived here, I remember surprising the interviewer at the INS when I told her that I had been in the country for six months and still didn't have a driver's license. She looked at me like I was an invalid.
As for the driving test in Tennessee, I never quite found it laughable, more terrifying really. THAT is all you need to do to be able to drive on Tennessee roads. Its difficult to have any faith in any drivers including yourself. Wait, wait, that may just be my paranoia showing through.

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