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My Phone's Nervous Breakdown

Ever since my mobile phone was cut off from its parent network in the UK, it has become increasingly erratic. Already feeling it's age, its menu stick has been dodgy for quite some time now, but since losing its support it has started forgetting how to play audio files, takes unbelievably long times to work out how to focus, and quite often has a panic attack and switches itself off. The trouble is, whichever US network I migrate to, chances are I'll be getting a downgrade (I have a Sony Ericsson k750i at the moment).

I'm considering not bothering, and just getting a new digital camera and a decent alarm clock - those are the functionalities I use most at the moment. I used to send txts a lot, but there doesn't seem to be so much of a culture of this over here.

Anyway, some short thoughts...

  • We're laying some meta-ethical foundations at the moment - I want to get a framework in place before we start exploring some specific ethical dilemmas. In  Are You Ethical? I sketched a broad outline, but I'm wondering if I need to go into more depth about the specific choices one can make to organise one's ethical system - agent-focussed, rights-focussed or outcome-focussed. Is this worth expanding at this stage?
  • Nothing on games at the moment, principally because I'm not really playing anything. I bought a PAL to NTSC converter, but it still only outputs in 50 Hz making it largely useless.
  • Try as I might, I'm failing to get together enough effort to go and see Spider-man 3 at the movies. I'm not much of a Spider-man fan, but I usually like Sam Raimi's films.
  • Are there any decent vegetarian sausages in the US? (Not an oxymoron, despite how it may sound!) I miss the Cauldron foods Cumberland and Lincolnshire style veggie sausages. I wish I could mail-order them.
  • I'm off to San Fransisco next week, which will disrupt blogging for about two weeks in total. If anyone knows of some good second-hand book stores in the city, let me know!

More later this week!


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Hey there,

I know what you mean about Spiderman 3 - I assumed I would have seen it by now, but I am still un-Spidey-ed.

As for foods from home... There are several ex-pat food selling websites these days. They seem to have most of the obvious stuff, like Marmite and sweets, but you never know - you might be able to find one who sells your sausages (or something similar) - or would be happy to get them for you...

That two weeks might be just enough for me to read and understand the ethical campaign entries.. :)

>>>agent-focussed, rights-focussed or outcome-focussed. Is this worth expanding at this stage?

Yes, definitely. You seem to plan to build on these concepts (see your last post) so more detail is needed.

Thanks for the input everyone!

translucy: I'll have to turn my attention to this issue when I get back from San Francisco, I suspect. Thanks for the perspective!

w/r/t bookstores:
If you have the time you could do worse than to hop BART to Downtown Berkeley and walk through campus to Moe's.

Thanks for the tip, Caller #6... I've no idea how much time I'm going to have, but it's good to have options!

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