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The Nine Basic Players (Maybe)


Nine months later…

It has been more than nine months since I have posted on the long and arduous journey towards the DGD2 model. The reason for this has been a certain doubt about the value of the work, rooted in an ongoing uncertainty as to how we might approach it. Now, after much careful consideration and some study, I believe I am ready to get back upon the horse.

The first stumbling block for me was the sure knowledge that I could not attempt DGD2 without getting someone better versed in statistics on board. I can manage statistics, but I am far better at mechanical mathematics – I can derive special relativity from first principles faster than I can perform a single proportions test, which makes stat analysis a poor use of my time. 

I have now committed to recruiting a statistics-competent research partner to help with the work, and indeed have found someone who seems both willing and able to do so.

The post that follows represents the basic approach I am now planning to pursue. The “9 Basic Players” reported in it are not the result of research, per se, but rather hypothetical categories guiding the formation of the survey. I expect when we do the work we will find something rather different – as to what, well, that’s the wonder of research. If I knew what we would find, it wouldn’t be worth looking!


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