Process without Goals


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I misread the title as "Reviled in Denmark." I think "Reviewed" is much better!

A quick and dirty translation:

'Play with Fire' is a prime example of how small, independent games kan construct enourmous variation and longevity from a very simple idea.

In the game you control a ball of fire around a game board, which is littered with crates of different materials like wood, rock, or plastic. Every time you touch a crate, and it's ignition point is lower than that of the ball, it is lit and the fire spreads to all crates around it - including the tougher ones.

If you touch them, the temperature of the ball rises and the higher the heat, the higher you can jump and the more materials you can burn or melt. The objective of the game is to reach a certain box marked with a bullseye. It's often placed at the top of a tower that you will have to climb, while the pillars below are burning below you.

The difficulty ranges from straight and simple, where the fun of the game revolves around arson and the accumulation of points, to devilish puzzles you'll have to play again and again in order to complete. The challenges take on very different shapes depending on the design of the level and when the more than 100 levels are completed, you get to design your own using the game's level editor tool.

The score is 4/6 which is not a bad score for that newspaper.

Nick: thank you so much for your translation! I really appreciate it. This is a really nice review of the game. I'm very grateful to you for allowing me to share it.

@Chris: No problem at all. Getting reviewed, even in a foreign language, is always harrowing so actually knowing what the review says is obviously of some interest, I guess. :)

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