Second Anniversary
Curse of the Ring of Death

Gear Change

Time for a change of pace, methinks. I've been enjoying writing the monolithic "Friday essays" for the past few months, and there will doubtless be more besides, but I've mostly been working up to posting the Ethics of Metaphysics piece, as this completes the transition from the previous campaign to the new one ("End of Part One", if you will). This is, quite obviously, an issue I feel strongly about, but it's about time I threw open the floor to find what you feel strongly about... More on this later this week.

  • Work is starting to step up in pace, now, which redistributes my time somewhat. It's possible this may also lead to more game theoretical posts, but since I am barely playing games right now, I am doubtful. I'm still aiming to post 1-2 game posts a week, mostly during 'warm up' (i.e. Tuesday and Wednesday).
  • Thoroughly enjoyed/enjoying this Round Table. I seem to be slipping from optimism into fatalism about the commercial prospects for inventive game narrative. It's probably the apparent lack of positive evidence that disheartens me.
  • Many thanks for all the Trolley Problem commentary - I'll post a comprehensive review on Thursday. Really enjoyed how this worked out, and I'll see if I can dig up some more ethical dilemmas for discussion in the future.
  • Speaking of dilemmas, I hate Warnock's dilemma... Since I know I have enough players that at least a handful must have read anything I post, when no comments occur I have no way of distinguishing between a cogent and well-written piece that people agree with, a boring post unworthy of response, or an essay so convoluted as to be unreadable!
  • And finally, I'm now pretty much resolved to take the Metaphysics Campaign and "part one" of the Ethics Campaign and edit it into a book, Freedom of Belief. I have begun to search for agents - I think it's about time I got one.

Tomorrow: Curse of the Ring of Death!


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I'm enjoying this month's RT as well. Next month's Round Table is going to be more technical in nature, me thinks, but I imagine we can find a point of contention if we put our minds to it. *kniw*

Warnock's Dilemma, eh? I had no idea it was a named phenomenon. Well, I'm glad it's not just me!

Glad to hear work is picking up. Seems to be the year for it!

Very excited about "Freedom of Belief." I think you've done quality work to arrive at the end of "part one" and seeing it all coalesce into a book would be great, especially given how timely said book would be.

Ring of Death? Is this to be a philosophical post, a piece on the high fail rate of X-Box 360s, or something of both? :)

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