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This new toy is fun. :) It seems we have players from all around the world - including the Phillipines, India, New Zealand, Australia, Israel, Chile and Brazil (I even know who some of these people are...) - yet not a single vote from the West Coast of the US. Are there no Only a Game players in California?

Thanks for voting everyone!

I must've missed the poll. Link?

Caller: The first poll is closed now. It was in the sidebar of the site (where the new one is now); if you were reading on RSS, you would probably have missed it. Sorry about that! I did mention it, but only in passing.

Best wishes!

Oops. Flashblock.

For the sake of Vizu´s credibility, I hope that Brazilian balloon is orange, not yellow :)

Chico: I can confirm that despite it looking yellow in the picture, the Brazilian vote is indeed orange. :)

Best wishes!

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