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A Few Things

A few random game projects that fell through my mailbox...

Mark Vallianatos writes:

Hi from los angeles. I'm looking for play-testers for a game called Satanic Mills. It's a dice-less role playing/ story-creation game about alienated labor. I wrote it for a game design contest on 'technological horror'. It's meant to be interesting/entertaining rather than an ideological or a 'serious' game, but it was directly inspired by  Marx's Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844. In case your blog readers are interested, the free pdf can be downloaded here.

If anyone has a chance to try it and gets feedback to me, I'll be sure to credit them. Comments or questions to markvalli at gmail.com

While Jarek Pietras writes:

Hi. I attended  Ernest Adams' & Chris Bateman's lecture at Game Developer
Conference Europe 2004. May I present you a game I've finished since then.

Agent: the Duel is all about dynamic gameplay and A.I. The main and only
bad guy there - Agent, guided by A.I. is looking for Player, asking
bartenders about him, gaining resources, doing ambushes... Other 199 NPCs
live their lives...

First, please watch this trailer, then, visit my website. Your honest professional opinion is very welcome.

I haven't had time to check out either project personally - if you do, please share your thoughts here.


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