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Boundary Layer

Having covered one of the biggest issues in contemporary Ethics, I think we have covered all we are going to look at in Future Ethics for now. The final part of the "Ethics Campaign", Justice, will begin in earnest in December, but we'll have a brief preview tomorrow.

  • Many thanks for everyone who commented on The Rights of the Unborn. The politeness of the commentors in the face of such a sensitive issue spoke very highly of everyone's character.
  • Still no comments on last week's Serial piece on Arendt's view of Action - it's not too late, if you have something to say! The Serial concludes this Thursday.
  • My wife and I desperately need a new game, either a puzzle game (or something with co-op) on the DS, or something on the Wii. There's a chance I may splurge on Mario Galaxy when it launches; it's been too long since there was a good platform game around.
  • The leaves are changing here in Knoxville, bringing a splash of colour to the world. More than ever, it feels like I live in a forest... Sadly, I have not been able to get any good squirrel photos since moving, though.
  • As I have mentioned in the comments, we lost four players over the last month or so - mostly over the Nietzsche piece, I think. But I think all the important players are still in the game, so I'll try not to feel disappointed.

Good luck in the new week everyone!


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I'm sure it's not the sort of puzzle game you're looking for, but have you played Portal (PC, from Valve) yet? Now that's a heck of a platform game.

Ethan: thanks, but I need something to play with my wife, so PC games are alas off the menu. I'll check it out for my interest, though.

Thanks again!

There's a flashenized version of the game here:

I want to play the real thing (and I've already bought it), but I can't because my PC is not good enough (same problem I had with Play with Fire, which I still haven't played the finished version of).

RodeoClown: thanks for the link! I'll check this when I get a chance.

As for PwF - I know, our final technical specs were shockingly high. It has really hurt us. :(

Hi, I tried the Flash version of Portal and although I thought I understood the instructions, I was only able to fire portals at the roof where they were useless. :(

Chris, I can't say I know what the problem might aim with the mouse...

Nice game.

You could also try Puzzle Quest (not sure if it's on the format you like) - though it's a little RPG-y, if you stick to playing it with your wife, you should be fine :-)

Ethan: Ah, you aim with the mouse! Whoops. That seems so obvious now. I read the instructions and it seemed it only had keys, so I presumed it was key based. Thanks for clarifying!

Neil: PuzzleQuest, yes - this keeps coming up. Have you played it at all? I understand it's a Bejewelled variant with RPG elements. It might be too directly competitive for my wife and I to play against each other... What works best for us is indirect competition, such as the Mission mode in Tetris DS - you compete to complete challenges, so the competition is indirect.

Thanks for the input!

I have played the demo of it on XBLA and was quite taken. As a one player game you can pad pass and the puzzle games can be done in tandem with each of you pointing to the next move if the other misses it. Having said that - the drawback for me initially was that the graphical hint/nudge the game gives is too obvious - not like with Hexic.

Still you can turn that off :-) I would recommend getting to see a demo of it.

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