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Lounging Lizard

Lizardfinal I found this fellow (and others like her) while hiking in the Smokies with my wife this week. Lizards are relatively unfamiliar to me (there are few in the British isles) but I think she is a Northern Fence Lizard (Sceloporus undulatus hyacinthinus); the lack of colour and the pronouncement of the bar markings suggests to me this one is a female.

Any budding herpetologists out there able to confirm my identification of this species?


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Other than a stint in a high school biology class where we scuttled around identifying insects, I'm afraid I'm little help in identification.
Though I can only imagine how enjoyable it is for someone who appreciates nature as much as you do to have the chance to explore a rather different set of flora and fauna than the one you're accustomed to. When I was traveling one of the most pronounced changes (especially while falling asleep at night) was hearing the bird calls. Some places might look nominally similar to where I'm from, but all the crawling things and birds hooting away in the trees were completely different!
Speaking of lizards, tiny ones were omnipresent in parts of southeast Asia, such as in Singapore and Thailand. I could always catch just a glimpse of one darting behind a picture frame or under a couch as I entered a vacant room... fun little guys.

Jack: you're absolutely right; one of the joys of coming to Tennessee is a whole new ecology to experience! My wife and I enjoy international travel immensely, and always one of the highlights of the experience for me has been "meeting" new species. :)

Best wishes!

We had whole families of these living in the stacks of firewood behind our house when I was a teenager living near Richmond, Virginia. They are very common in wooded areas there and I presume also in the Smokies. We never gave much thought to their scientific ident, satisfied to call them "wood-pile lizards." Every season we dubbed the biggest of the bunch Riz, with the assumption he was the patriarch of the tribe. All of the others were the Noble Offspring of Riz. This isn't helping is it? :)

TT: "This isn't helping is it? :)"

Not with my original question, but it's a charming anecdote. :-D

I didn't really expect someone to come back with an identification, so any chat on the topic is welcome. ;)

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