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Despite having loyalty to the consoles (especially my new 360, mmmmm) I have to say PC as it is my *current favourite*.

Counter Strike. It rocks on the Xbox.
It beats the Xbox by loads on the PC! Just, for me, mouse is easier/quicker etc. to aim with than twin sticks.

Definitely PC, but these days the 360 is getting more play and is looking more and more attractive overall for gaming. A lot of it has to do with working full time as a game dev, sitting at a desk in front of a screen. If I come home and want to play games, then I think I'd at least like to be sitting on the couch, and also not having to deal with all the niggling tweaks and such that PC gaming requires most of the time.

I've said PC but, for me, the critical point is the speed of input of complex decisions. I don't play twitch games* (my reactions are too damn slow), and the genres I do play (RTS, strategy, MMORPG) tend to work best with more inputs than a game controller can conveniently handle. I'd hate to heal a 5-man instance in WoW without a full keyboard or some other large command surface, as I have so many keys bound to macros!

There's also the issue of the display. I have a 22" widescreen LCD on the computer, and we have a 21" 4:3 TV. My computer display's actually the better one.

- Peter

* Except MechWarrior 3 on the PC, and Steel Battalion on the XBox. Both are arguably "twitch". But, again, SB is somewhat special for the control surface and I have some very complex control bindings for MW3.

I've been playing mostly DS games these days and loving my happy little handheld, although a recent gift of HL2 has me on the PC a bit as well (and with my recent system upgrade, I'm seriously considering buying Bioshock for the PC).

and the Wii has a bunch of releases later this year that'll probably get me back into the living room...

Still trying to figure out where in my budget I can justify a 360...

PC and DS. Is it possible to change the poll so we can choose more than one option? Or should I just choose one of them?

The PC is clearly popular among Only a Game players... it says a lot about the crowd, although nothing that we couldn't have guessed. :)

Chico: I did have the option to allow multiple answers, but for this poll I wanted to force people to pick a favourite (I didn't want it to be a poll about console ownership, which was my fear if I allowed multiple options).

Best wishes!

For me it depends on the type of game that I'm playing. I play more often on the PC than anywhere else, because that's where my single player games are, but when both my brothers are around we regularly break out the N64 for a little "old school" Super Smash Bros. or Mario Kart action -- not that I consider anything later than SNES to be truly old school.

If I were to pick based on sentimental attachment rather than current usefulness, then the NES would win hands down.

Xbox 360. I did not expect to like it at all. But the whole experience is seamless and wonderful for me. There are lots of good-to-great games, but what really strikes me is the amazing Xbox Live platform that runs it all behind the scenes.

I would also have to say the DS is a wonderful thing, too, and I love my PC, but the Xbox impresses me more *as a platform*.

Ethan: the NES obviously holds a lot of sentimental value for people. In the UK, Nintendo didn't really break into the scene until the SNES - we have fond memories of the ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 instead (and only the latter was released in the US).

Darius: The 360 does seem to have gone down well with gamers. It seems like a much classier machine that the original black brick. :)

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