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New Poll: Favourite Games Platform


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Well, you have at least one response tagged as Wst Coast :-).

Yes, finally I penetrate California! :)

I found this poll interesting - I didn't expect it to be so carefully balanced on the knife-edge. It's going to be fascinating to see whether the Wii's success hits sufficient scale for Sony to continue their copycat policy...

I'm planning on buying a Wii when the new Super Smash Bros. game comes out for it. I had a lot of fun with the controller the one time I played Wii sports. I think that the natural feel of the controller, and the fact that you can combine the motion controls with a traditional button/joystick interface to make more complex control schemes, will make it a long-term standard feature.

Ethan: The Wii Remote isn't as sensitive as many gamer hobbyists would like - it's no match for a mouse in accuracy, for instance - but it's extremely intuitive to use in most instances, and its array of sensors make it fun to play with, and allow its functionality to be adapted to different games.

I feel certain Nintendo will build on this design; whether other companies enter this territory depends on the resolution of the market battle between Microsoft and Sony. I for one am very interested to see how this turns out!

The Wii's biggest problem right now is a lack of titles and (related) little or no pre-owned/second hand marketplace. Both these issues should solve themselves soon.

It's interesting that Super Smash Bros. is the title that would drive you to buy - do you have a long-time love of this franchise? I played it on the GameCube, but it was all a bit hectic and directly competitive to my taste. Of course, for someone looking for a hectic, directly competitive game, I'll bet it's perfect. :)

Best wishes!

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