Hannah Arendt's "The Human Condition"
God's Dice


Last week we completed our first Serial; this was suggested by one of our players as an alternative to the giant monolithic uberessays that I had fallen into posting. Now that we have completed this first Serial, what do people think? Was it easier to digest material in this form, or was it problematic that some of the earlier content didn't come into clear focus until later?

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Well, it's certainly easier to comment on a shorter piece, making points that are relevant to the entire piece and not just throw-away or nitpicking.

On the other hand, we're always playing catch-up not knowing all the details. But as to that, there's a point to be made saying that if its a specific work we're dealing with, like with the Human Condition, then a real discussion can't take place when not everyone has read it. And if we follow that to its logical conclusion, then we need to start a book-club, where you're like Oprah, Chris. A bit far fetched, I'd say!

zenBen: I've never been compared to Oprah before. :) I think perhaps we had specific problems in the case of this book because of the complexity of the ideas (I had to seriously simplify to fit into the shorter format). Perhaps for the next serial I should try a piece on a general theme (rather than examining a specific book). Something to ponder...

Chris, I enjoyed the serial - but since I read the book myself my opinion is maybe not so relevant to your question:

"Was it easier to digest material in this form, or was it problematic that some of the earlier content didn't come into clear focus until later?"

If one decides to cut up a complex topic into small slices I don't quite see how one is to avoid the dilemma you touch on here: easy-to-digest "chapters" on the one hand vs. growing difficulty to keep up with the overall thrust of the presented ideas on the other.

Does not every student of philosophy, religion etc. need patience (and some form of trust in the path chosen) for answers to her question won't "come into clear focus until later"? For my part I can say that I enjoy your blog/RPG (and consequently your "on-going serial") precisely because I believe that your are not trying to trick / mislead your readers/players maliciously ;)

translucy: thanks for this comment - I appreciate the kind words. Since you had already read the book, I found it especially helpful to have your perspective - Arendt is sufficiently complex that one can easily misread her. :)

Best wishes!

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