God's Dice
Black Squirrel!

Do Metroids Dream...

...of electrocuting me? A few quick thoughts on a busy Monday...

  • Having discovered that Super Metroid is available on the Wii Virtual Console, I have eagerly downloaded it and have already been sucked into it. I love old 2D games, and this is a real classic I've been looking forward to playing since completing the NES Metroid the other year.
  • As mentioned before, this is my last week before taking a short sabbatical (we'll be back after Thanksgiving, with the "Ethics Campaign" beginning again in December).
  • Tomorrow I'm going to put up a philosophy piece I have had rolling around for a while but never quite finished. It's still not finished, but neither (I suspect) will it ever be so, so I might as well take the plunge.
  • Wednesday I have something for the new Round Table... It's supposed to be about Age and Games, but I seem to have gone off on a tangent instead!
  • Thursday - I'm not sure what to put here at all. Something short, I suppose...

Have a great week everyone!


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