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Civil Disobedience

This serial deals with the history of the concept of civil disobedience, and its development and refinement into modern campaigns of non-violent resistance that have successfully brought democracy to many nations. It provides both the theoretical and practical foundations to civil disobedience, and reinforces the idea that citizens of democratic nations have a duty to dissent against injustice.

The serial ran from December 6th 2007 to January 24th 2008, in six parts, and was timed to end in the week of Martin Luther King Day, and to correspond with a piece on the Ethics of War, which explains why war, if it is ever to be considered just, must be a last resort. Each of the parts ends with a link to the next one, so to read the entire serial, simply click on part one, below, and then follow the "next" links to read on.

Here are the six parts:

  1. Thoreau
  2. Gandhi
  3. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  4. A Theory of Justice
  5. The Velvet Revolution
  6. The Duty to Dissent


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