Freedom and Drugs
Sexual Beliefs

Final Fortnight

Can it really be so? Just two weeks remain in the epic "Ethics Campaign" that began in May last year. I never intended this to last nine months, but there was so much to cover that even in this time I have only been able to explore a tiny proportion of the material.

  • Feeling  exceptionally blurry this morning, having screwed around unnecessarily with my body clock this weekend... I hope to get to the comments this afternoon if all goes well.
  • With Friday's piece on drugs, all of the issues raised by players have now been covered. Many thanks to everyone who contributed a suggestion in this regard! You set the tone for the whole of the second half of the campaign.
  • Next week, I'll be putting up the final major topic - Population - which I'm still researching, and then on Thursday that week I'll put up the bookend to close the campaign, so a week on Friday we'll be back in the green room. Can't wait!
  • I finished 100% of the Sudoku puzzles in Brain Age 2. Still can't quite believe that the digital version held my attention so better more than the paper puzzles ever could.
  • Acquired a copy of Link's Crossbow Training since a friend bought two Wii zappers and had a spare. It's a nicely constructed shooting gallery, but I find combo multipliers (also common in rhythm action games) to be extremely stressful these days, as I expect a high degree of performance from myself. I used to love them, once upon a time (it was the reason I loved NiGHTS) - I guess I'm getting old!


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