Freedom of Belief

Back in the Green Room

The "Ethics Campaign" ended yesterday. This piece invites you to help bookend it.

And so, the epic "Ethics Campaign" that began in May last year is finally concluded, almost a year later. It transpired to be more work than I originally imagined (Ethics is a huge topic), and less fun than the "Metaphysics Campaign", but still well worth the pursuit.

I began knowing little or nothing about my own ethics, except that my ethical stance had formed around the teachings of Jesus (but not, I should stress, conventional Christian doctrine). Now, having dug into the corners and kicked the tyres, I have learned that I am a great believer in the Kantian project of Communal Autonomy and Mutual Respect, and that I find Consequentialism abhorrent when it is employed by governments and organisations (but I can still respect individuals who choose this ethical system). Most of all, I have identified what is perhaps my core value: Freedom of Belief.

I'd like to thank all the players who have contributed to the "Ethics Campaign", especially: Peter Crowther, zenBen, translucy, Theo, Caller #6, Neil, Jack Monahan, Bezman, Patrick, Suyi, Trevel, TT,  Michael Mouse, Yehuda Berlinger, Foster Nichols, Wonders for Oyarsa, Michael Pereira, Olivier Rouleau and latecomer Sankofa, and also occasional voices such as Rob, Paddy, VagabondX, Corvus, Ophelia, John Peacock, Tom Camfield, Marc, Darius K., Duoae, Duncan, Mad, Matthew Cromer, Troy Gilbert, Ethan C, RodeoClown, Chris F., Malky, Arto, DJ i/o, Sammas and James. To all these players and more besides, I offer my especial thanks, and hope you have found it an entertaining journey. I'd also like to thank the artists whose beautiful work I used to adorn the key pieces, and especially Shoshanna Bauer and Maureen Shaughnessy. And to those silent spectators who read but don't play in the open, now would be a great time to step out of the shadows and say a few words.

In fact, now we're back in the Green Room, it's a perfect time for Q&A, quick comments or anything else of the kind. If you enjoyed the "Ethics Campaign", I would love to hear from you, and I'd especially like to hear about any favourite post anyone has from the campaign.  For me, the original Relative Ethics post, and the Kant's Yardstick post became indispensable,  but Ethics of Metaphysics is still probably my personal highlight - if you have a favourite piece from the campaign, do let me know! (The key posts are indexed in the sidebar under "Philosophy: Ethics" and "Discussion of Ethical Issues", and all the material can be found under "Categories: Ethics").

I'll begin a new "Campaign" in 2009 - it probably won't be the "Narrative Campaign" that would complete this original trinity, and in all honestly I have no idea what the next one will be about - I'm just delighted to have survived this one!

One final thing: as ever on this blog, you are free to post comments on older material and bring it back into play. Just because the "Ethics Campaign" is over it doesn't mean we can't go on talking about ethics if that's what you want! As long as you have things to say, I'll be happy to listen and respond. It may be my blog, but it would be nothing without your involvement.

Thank you for playing!



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Hi Chris,

I'm only a second time visitor, but I must say I am thoroughly enjoying your blog so far. Lots of great stuff to read in your archives.

If you ever want to use my art for one of your posts, please feel free to do so.


"it probably won't be the "Narrative Campaign" that would complete this original trinity"

Aw... :(

(*looking forward to reading through her backlog*)

I just spent the last 2 hours reading over the Ethics Campaign (I came in Halfway through, and then didn't check back as regularly as I would like...) Very nice work. Pity I have to lose a whole lot of time now reading the Metaphysics Campaign (I don't have the advantage of not having to read 1/3rd of it this time...)


No more campaigns until 2009 - phew! :D

Does this mean we'll get to hear more about DGD2?

Vitor: thanks for the offer! I love fractal art, and I've subscribed to your feed, so I may well take you up on it.

Corvus: I say "probably not", but it's still a fair way away now - anything could happen. ;)

Von Lazuli: Thanks for the kind words! And I love your character sheet - find it hard to believe you're just a level 1 Orange, though. ;)

zenBen: Astutely observed. :) Yes, now the "Ethics Campaign" is finally concluded, one of the many things I need to turn my attention to is the DGD2 model. I am intending to write about this at least every month now, if not more frequently. I'll start in about a month's time as I'll be taking a break for GDC and a trip to the UK afterwards.

The first thing I need to do is examine the data we have, and see if we have enough responses from players with low game literacy to give us a fair spread.

Expect posts on the DGD2 to commence in March.

Best wishes!

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