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A Distant Rumbling


Next week is GDC, and the fortnight after that I'll be back in the UK, so no new content here on Only a Game until Tuesday 11th March at the earliest. As soon as I get back, we'll be starting work on the number crunching phase for the DGD2 player model, so I expect to have some interesting discoveries to report over the months to come. In the meantime, there's a vast backlog of curiosities here for you to read (including the recently concluded "Ethics Campaign"), and I will respond to pretty much all comments in due course, so don't mistake my absence for disinterest in what you have to say!

I'll see some of you next week at GDC, some of you in the weeks to follow, but whether I'm going to see you or not I wish you a delightful end to your winter and the hope of a magnificent spring!

Chris has left the virtual building.


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Caught a glimps of GDC on BBCs tech feed - looks like a lot of fun! Will you be posting anything (3dv looks very cool. =)?

Nomad: sorry, no GDC posts - I barely had time for my meetings, providing coverage this year was a strict impossibility, as I fear will be the case every year from now on.

I might make an exception for a great keynote, but there were none of these this year, alas.

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