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My Lost Adventure Games

Sp_babes6 It is a sad fact of the games industry that most of us end up working on many more game projects than ever see the light of day. I'm delighted to report that Spanish adventure game site Adventura CIA has an article about two such projects I worked on at Perfect Entertainment, where I also worked on the popular and successful Discworld adventures. The two lost projects were an original sci-fi comedy adventure called Space Babes, and an adventure game based on The Naked Gun license. Neither were ever completed, but you can read the story of these forgotten projects here.


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As someone who had fun working at Psygnosis and supporting Discworld, I'm sad to hear more didn't come out. I thought the interface you guys worked up rivaled SCUMM in neatness and flexibility.

...just for the record, I worked for Psygnosis USA. ;)

Hi Jason! Nice to hear from someone who was in the trenches at Psygnosis! ;) Thanks for the kind words - I'm really proud of the work we did at Perfect Entertainment, it's just a shame that it came so late in the commercial viability of the adventure game genre.

Incidentally: do you work in Sony Liverpool, now?

Best wishes!

[Edit: ah, I see that you weren't in the Liverpool Psygnosis office at all, so it's unlikely you're part of Sony Liverpool now! :)]

Yeah, I never got to see Liverpool in any fashion. I do, however, run psygnosis.org, the fansite. And I will always be a fan of Psygnosis, like people are fans of many things: from afar and glossing over the ugly bits. :)

I'm also working on a documentary about text adventures: www.getlamp.com.

Jason: sounds great! Let me know when the documentary is complete, and I'll give it a plug.

Best wishes!

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