Market and State?


Barring any surprises, this is the final week of "the Ethics campaign" - next week, it will finally be over. Other things that are over this week:

  • The "Pope Off" has ended with Benedictus XVI being officially ranked as Unpopular, with -6 points. It was a decidedly one-sided affair; defection of Catholics to the nay side secured the outcome.
  • And victory for the Discordians in the side contest - they win the glory in a 5-1 win against the Catholics. My thanks to everyone who took part, even if it was a trifle mean spirited in places!
  • Superbowl XLII is also over, ending in a victory for the Giants, 17-14, and defeat for the Patriots, 18-1. Patriots fans are experiencing severe disappointment, while everyone else is experiencing a heaping helping of schadenfreude.
  • I never thought I'd say this, but I miss the tacky extravaganza  half-time shows they used to mount. They were awful, but at least I could relish their kitsch. Now we just get some once-popular artist perform a mini-gig which is, frankly, kind of dull.
  • And tomorrow, another major sporting event comes to a head - the US Primaries have "Super Tuesday", featuring a possibly decisive bout of Barack vs Hillary, and probably the final round of McCain vs Romney. I'm personally on the edge of my seat!

See you in the comments!


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