Happy Spring Festival!
Why There Are No Great Game Stories


Having trouble sequencing my content for this week... I have an introductory piece on the DGD2 data to put up - but when? I want to get my Round Table entry up on Wednesday before the month is out, and I have a piece for Tuesday which should lead into it nicely. That leaves me uncertain what to do with the DGD2 post - hold it for Friday, or for next week? Post twice on Wednesday, maybe? None of these outcomes are particularly pleasing.

  • Thanks for all the comments about chance in games last week... Not quite ready to write about luckgames in general terms, I think, but we're getting there. A few more examples of non-gambling games clearly dominated by luck (such as Bejewelled) would really help.
  • I enjoyed the Serial format that came through for Thursdays in the Winter, but it was a bind to have to keep them going contiguously. So to give me some wiggle room, I'm going to try switching off between Serials and Card Games on Thursdays, I think.
  • Having great success digging into the neurobiology of play; the work I did linking Lazzaro to Callois is now paying off - the patterns of play link via the emotions to various biological substructures. More on this soon enough, I'm sure.
  • Not playing much at the moment except for Virus Buster (the stylus-driven version of Dr. Mario in BrainAge). Fiendishly compelling.
  • It's been so long since my wife and I had a chance to play Super Mario Galaxy, it makes me wonder if we can get back on the horse and finish the game or not. We only need a handful more Stars, and yet...

Have fun everyone!


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