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Sci fi Master Quiz

Test your geek fu with this five question Master Quiz:

1. The title character of the 1920 psychological horror movie about a piece of furniture.
2. The name of the Doctor Who serial in which the Doctor introduces himself by the name from (1)
3. The name of the second actor to play the Doctor (hint: not T)
4. The role (3) plays in Star Wars
5. The 1930s and 40s novels, and the Akira Kurasawa film, that inspired the original Star Wars movie

Please DON'T post the answers unless you think you have all five - just post the number of questions you can answer, or say which questions you can or can't answer. 

The winner is the first person to post the five correct answers, and the prize is a shimmering nugget of pure glory!

Update: Winners!

This mini-game has been won by Zach Kamsler & Fang Langford. Congratulations! Your glory will be beamed directly into your limbic system where you should feel a warm fuzzy glow.


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I think I have it:

1) Doctor Caligari
2) A Holiday for The Doctor
3) Peter Cushing
4) Grand Moff Tarkin
5) Lensman (Series) and The Hidden Fortress

Ahh, Zach, I was just figuring out the novel, but the rest matches my research (Wikipedia and IMDB FTW!)

Lensman makes sense to me, though.

Ahh, heheh Grand Moff Tarkin... Change that to Grand Moff Larkin, and then that Battle Station would really have been "Perfick!"


Congratulations, Zach! You're very nearly there...

Number (2) has a slight error, though, as I asked for the name of the *serial* and you've given me the name of the *episode*. Geek fu is a pedantic martial art. ;)

Still, I'm happy to give you 90% of the glory, with the remaining 10% to whomever can correct your slight mistake.

Well done for getting it so fast!

Uh, that would be 'The Gunfighters'?

I'm sorry, let's take that again:

1. Doctor Caligari
2. The Gunfighters
3. Peter Cushing
4. Grand Moff Tarkin
5. Lensman | The Hidden Fortress

What was the prize again?

"Change that to Grand Moff Larkin, and then that Battle Station would really have been "Perfick!""

Perrrfick! Lol

"The Gunfighters" is correct, Fang. Enjoy your share of the glory! :) (Alas, I don't have anything more substantial to offer as a prize this month...)

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