Moorcock's Metaphysics (5): Jerry Cornelius

Four Winds

First, the North wind will take us south to Florida, for a brief holiday with my wife's family.
Next, the East wind will take us west to Colorado, to visit my brother-in-law.
Then, the South wind will take us north to Montana, to meet with a work colleague.
Finally, the West wind will take us east, across the Atlantic to the Netherlands, where I am lecturing briefly.

This is my itinerary for May, and in the interim I won't be here to run the game. But even though I am travelling as of next week, that doesn't mean that the game stops today - for as of this week Only a Game is fully automated.

Enjoy your weekends! I'll get to the comments whenever I can.


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Now I want to probe the meaning of fully automated...

Does this mean we no longer need to read it as well? Do we all come back in June and find out how well we commented...? :-)

There are a host of other questions related to this... I shall forgo them.

Hope your travels are enjoyable. See you at the tail end. :-)

Neil: Yes, as of now Only a Game is beamed directly to your parahippocampal gyrus - you take away memories of an interesting read, and a vigorous discussion in the comments, plus a faint minty aftertaste. :D

Okay, must dash! Might see everyone in the comments again before I arrive in the UK - we'll see how it goes! *waves*

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