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After weeks of travelling adventures, I am now back in Manchester, UK, and adjusting to the transcontinental shift as best as I can. I doubt I'll be back into posting as usual for a few weeks yet, but I'll try to catch up on the comments this week at the very least, and take it from there.

Apologies to anyone who emailed me while I was away: owing to a nasty email accident, most of the messages I received in the last few weeks have been deleted by an overzealous spam filter. If you sent me something in the last month, you might want to send it again.

See you in the comments!


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Woohoo! Just in time too, the DTs were setting in.

Welcome back. Feel free to come round for food and/or in[s]ane chatter at some point.

Corvus: Surely the internet is big enough to keep you entertained while I'm away for a month? ;)

Peter: thanks - I will attempt a bike ride to where you are as soon as the conditions are right (i.e. my legs are strong enough to peddle that far!) It'll be in July or August, I imagine, since June is going to be taken up with the latter half of the move (so many boxes on their way...!) and international visits by friends from the US and one good friend who is moving home from Kyoto, Japan for Vancouver, Canada. As ever, all is chaos!

Would you be interested in joining in one of our poker games, incidentally? I offered before, and I'm certain we'll have one once we get settled in. Let me know.

Hope to see you soon!

Oh, I was entertained all right, but I gots t' gets my Bateman fix.

And Justine & Jason just don't do it. ;)

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