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Discworld Revisited

Back from Poland

...and already we've drunk half the bottle of Wyborowa I brought back - can't resist a good vodka. I'd love to let you know what this trip was about, but it will have to wait until after Leipzig at the earliest.

  • I enjoyed Vector TD but it's not a game I would have expected my wife to enjoy. So imagine my surprise to see her taking to Q-Games PixelJunk Monsters (download for the PS3) with gusto - especially since it's essentially the same game (albeit with some improvements, and a co-op mode).
  • Russell T. Davies tends to get indulgent in his season closing episodes, but this year he topped last year's gratuitous Scissor Sisters song by having a cameo from Richard Dawkins in the Doctor Who finale. The guest spot made no narrative sense (why would an evolutionary theoretician comment on an astrophysical event?) but allowed Davies to parade his support for the brilliant academic and anti-theist bigot. More on this later, I'm sure.
  • On the subject of religion in science fiction, this serial has been delayed by the move as I still have to watch Firefly before I can complete my research.
  • Another delayed serial is my précis of Charles Taylor's epic A Secular Age - I'm almost through it, but the volume of note-taking required has slowed me down considerably.
  • We should be back to full service in just two weeks - thank you for your patience in the meantime.


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Wow, VectorTD is amazingly addictive. Definitely one of the better flash tds I've played.

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