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Codemasters is profitable?? Color me shocked.

Just barely. ;)

Heheh, I was looking for a profit-themed post to ask the question:

Now that the PS3 is selling ok and is less of a bad joke, we have an interesting fact:

The PS3 is the only console that doesnt have a working modchip.

I dont know how much research or communication you have with people looking at game sales, but I wonder if the PS3's lack of a modchip impacts the consciousness of publishers at all.

If not, then it confirms what we've known all along - that publisher's whines about piracy are nothing more than BS.

zeech: Hmmm... well the lack of a modchip for the PS3 isn't a factor as far as publishers are concerned, but the availability of easy piracy on the DS certainly *has* impacted the publishers, and for that matter the retailers, who claim to already be experiencing reduced revenues on DS as a result of the relevant cartridge (the name of which escapes me).

But I agree that - for the most part - publisher whining about piracy are grossly exaggerating the scale and importance of the problem. That doesn't mean, however, that there isn't some kind of problem here.

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