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Unitarian Shootings in Knoxville

I am very distressed to learn today of senseless murders at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church in Knoxville by an unemployed gunman filled with psychotic rage at "liberals". The Knoxville News Sentinel has the full story. There seems to have been no religious aspect to the murders: the gunman singled out the TVUUC because of its liberal stance - they like to advertise their openness to the gay community, for instance, and have a "Gays welcome" sign prominently on display.

While in Knoxville, my wife and I would often go to the other Unitarian Church (the Westside Unitarian Universalist Church), to meet up with friends from the Pagan community in Knoxville, who have a drum circle there every week, and once for a wedding. The two unitarian churches have quite close ties to one another, and although I don't know anyone involved in this incident personally, it is still unsettling to have something like this enter even the corners of your life.

There's really no need to express your sympathies to me, I'm sure we all feel for those involved, I just felt the need to mention it here. Please don't let this incident interrupt your enjoyment of Only a Game, and please continue discussions in the comments as usual.


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This is why everyone, everyone should carry a gun! Even in church. This would never have happened in Texas!



Actually, tests have demonstrated that someone with a knife can cover up to 30 yards and use it on someone with a gun, because the gun takes too long to prepare for use. Now substitute 'karate' for 'knife'. The first man who was shot was alert enough and brave enough to actually put himself between shooter and congregation (so I read). Had he been trained, he could have disarmed the shooter instead.

This is terrible. There is a Unitarian fellowship in my city. My dad used to take me there sometimes when I was a kid. I would be horrified if it had happened there.

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