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New Poll: Sequels & Licenses

It's a fact of the games industry that most people buy sequels and licensed games in preference to new and original titles. So think about the last four games you purchased - how many were original games? How many were licenses (or even double licenses like LEGO Star Wars)? How many were sequels? Confess!

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Among the last four games I purchased, one was a big old sequel (GTAIV) but the others were all original titles, unless you make the argument that Pixeljunk is becoming some kind of brand name/franchise unto itself.

We're putting sequels together with licenses now? Most of the games I buy are sequels, but I almost never get licensed games. They're two totally different issues.

Puzzle Quest
Orange Box (so ... Portal is original right?)
Lego Star Wars (Wii)


Bad Company - sequel-ish (from Battlefield for PC)
Wii Fit - original
World of Warcraft (main game) - sequel-ish (From Warcraft)
Contact - original

Lego Star Wars (full version on the Wii) - re-made combination of two licenses.

Wii Fit - original

Super Monkey Ball on the Wii - sequel to (I think) a licensed series?

Wii Sports arguably doesn't count as bundled with the console. Or does it?

Most recent PC game was a while before that - WoW's Burning Crusade expansion. I have to say that WoW has reduced my spend on new games considerably - instead, Blizzard gets the recurrent revenue!

So. 2/4 or 3/4 depending on whether Wii Sports counts. Chris, can you adjudicate, then I'll vote?

LEGO Indiana Jones (Wii)
Wii Fit
Super Smash Bros. Brawl

That's 1 Double License, and 1 Sequel with a side of casual and large Non-Game.

STALKER - Shadow of Chernobyl. Original
Call of Juarez. Original
Mojo for PS2. Original
Mercury Meltdown remix for PS2. Sequel. I bought this along with a motion sensing controller for PS2. A poor man's version of "Kororinpa". Actually works pretty well :)

What if you bought more than 4 games at the same time? How do you decide which ones were the last ones? ;P

I guess there technically is still an order in which you pick them though...

Mine should be:

Grim Fandango
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars (Sequel of sorts to Wolfenstien: Enemy Territory)
Wii Sports (bundled with the Wii)
Super Smash Bros. Brawl (got with my Wii)

So 2 of them. Previously I got STALKER. Can't remember any further back, mainly was busy working and/or on TF2.

Oh, additionally, bundling "Licences" into it is a bit harsh. You should have certainly split them up (and that many licences are sequels anyway).

Must admit, there's a lot of games I've got with numbers after them.

1 sequel (Quake 4), 3 originals (Mass Effect, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., and BioShock, the last a "Spiritual Sequel" to the System Shock franchise). Yes, I really did just recently buy all 4 even though most are a couple of years old, I'm exploring some ideas of my own for how to define the core elements of gameplay and those seemed like good games to examine.

Magic Inlay (sequel)
Zoombinis (original... I can't remember the name of it but the one I bought was the first one that came out that I played when I was a kid)
Aquaria (original)
Lego Star Wars 2 (double licence AND a sequel!)

Now the interesting thing about these comments to me is that Mory and Andrew appear to be offended by my grouping licenses and sequels together. ;)

What do these two things have in common that would encourage me to lump them into one group for this poll? The answer, in case it is not wholly obvious, is that both types of game enjoy greater economic prosperity than original games. But also, of course, neither is wholly original. :D

What I'm really inquiring about here is how many of the games you bought were *original* - but I didn't word the question this way because it would have been far too ambiguous. My choice of wording was to expressly make clear what an original game was by eliminating the things it is not - I trust this clarifies the motivation behind the poll, and makes it clear that I don't believe sequels and licenses are the same in anything other than their not being wholly original, and their being considerably more economically viable. :)

Peter: I think Wii Sports counts even though it is bundled - you still bought it, albeit as part of a package. Super Monkey Ball on the Wii is a sequel, but not a license, per se. So half seems to be the answer you are looking for according to the "rules" of this poll. ;)

Sirc: "What if you bought more than 4 games at the same time? How do you decide which ones were the last ones? ;P"

I actually had the same problem! My list of last four games included a batch of PS3 games I got with that console's purchase. But looking at them, only Dynasty Warriors Gundam is a sequel/license so I decided to play the percentages and count my fourth title as original. ;)

For reference, mine were:

Sega Bass Fishing (Wii) - Sequel
Nights: Journey of Dreams (Wii) - Sequel
Endless Ocean (Wii) - Original*
Various PS3 games - 5/6th Original :D

*Well, semi-sequel, but I'll allow it as original because there's no continuity of branding.


Thanks for sharing your purchasing history everyone!

No More Heroes (Wii) (Original... I *think*)
Bully:Scholarship Edition (360) (a re-release really, as opposed to a sequel)
Lego Star Wars: The Original Trilogy (360) (Licensed sequel)
Beautiful Katamari (360) Sequel

2 of those are basically to play again on the 360 as I enjoyed them on the PS2 lots, and now I get to scrape achievements off them whilst enjoying them again. :-D

Chris: Oh! That's not a bad way to play it :D

Ok here's mine then. Which will be the best one because I'm clearly the only one who has any taste ;)

Soul Calibur IV - Sequel
Various DS games - 4/6 sequels
Metal Gear Solid 4 - Sequel
Ninja Gaiden 2 - Sequel

While the past four games I've bought are all sequels, I wouldn't say that I bought them in "preference" to new and original titles. A dangerous misconception to draw, there.

And while I realize that I'm not speaking for everyone, or even the majority of consumers, I actively seek out new and original games that expand my idea of what games can do. I'm especially excited for Zeno Clash.

It's just that most good games released recently happen to be franchises, while original titles (say, Patapon) are few and far in between these days, not to mention that even Patapon is now being "sequelized".

Calling myself a 'casual' gamer in the dgd2 survey is obviously justified - I can't really remember the last 4 games I purchased.

If you count 2ndhand titles, maybe they were these:

Clean Sweep (vectrex) - original
Yoshi's Story (N64) - sequel
Extreme G (N64) - original
Snes games - 4/7 sequels/licenses.

Given that I haven't actually bought a brand new videogame for maybe two years, I doubt I'm genuinely part of the desired pollees. I wanted to see the answers though and there's no option to abstain from voting.

Ben: "And while I realize that I'm not speaking for everyone, or even the majority of consumers, I actively seek out new and original games that expand my idea of what games can do."

Well plenty of gamer hobbyists do actively seek out new and original games. We still end up buying a *lot* of sequels. What choice do we have when the market is stuffed full with them?

"It's just that most good games released recently happen to be franchises, while original titles (say, Patapon) are few and far in between these days"

You say this as if it is coincidental that "most good games" are franchises. I don't believe this is a coincidence: it's easier to make a better game if you refine it out of existing material, and it is also easier to achieve a better game on a bigger budget - and prior sales are great way to justify that budget. ;)

Plus: people generally trust sequels to deliver them more of the gameplay they enjoyed in an earlier title, making them an appealing choice.

Sequels are an unavoidable fact of the way the videogame marketplace functions (and licenses too, but these generally appeal more at the mass market end of the scale).

Most original games are a bad investment from the point of view of publishers. That hobbyists as a market segment talk about originality more than they are willing to pay for it compounds the problem. :(

Best wishes!

Sirc, you're not the only one with taste:

Braid (original)
Geometry Wars 2 (sequel)
Soul Calibur IV (sequel)
Civilization Revolutions (I'll have class that as a sequel really! ;) )

Also been playing a lot of Kongai (original) on the PC, but I didn't have to BUY that since it's free.

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