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Back from Cornwall and Leipzig, and I have been inundated with comments! Sitemeter tells me it all kicked off on Friday 16th, when more than a thousand people breezed through, probably for the Round Table. I will work my way through the comments in just a moment - I'll answer any questions, but may have to skip over some of the discussions for brevity!

A few brief snippets...

  • Thoughts from Leipzig 1:  Wow, it's like E3 but in Germany. The old E3, that is, not the low budget version.
  • Thoughts from Leipzig 2: Wow, Sony are banking rather heavily on a 2D Platformer (Little Big Planet) to save them, albeit one with some very funky technology and cute avatars.
  • Thoughts from Leipzig 3: Wow, Bethesda are really counting on players to have fond nostalgia for Fallout to sell the third game, yet the number who have done so can't be more than a few tens of thousands. I found the ultra-violence rather distasteful: hope they weren't planning to sell to women.
  • Thoughts from Leipzig 4: Wow, Blizzard have got a Lord of the Rings license, have they? Oh no, it's just a trailer for Diablo 3 that looks like Tolkienian fluff.
  • And I'm delighted to announce that I have finished reading Charles Taylor's A Secular Age, and will start this serial shortly. Really looking forward to this one!

More soon!


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