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Lurker Outreach

Fancy seeing you here! So, what's up with you these days?

If you haven't commented on the blog in recent months, or have never commented, please take this opportunity to stop by and say hello in the comments.


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*waves* I think I've commented here before, but in case I haven't.... Hi!!

Why, hello there. And what do you know, something just caught my eye in the tail of comments off the Obama post. Excuse me...

I'm working on my second game, of similar scope to Smilie. It's coming along nicely. All sorts of obstacles and challenges pop up, but I don't think I'll run into an insurmountable one. The tricky part was building a habit of working every day. Now that I have, it's only a matter of time until I finish and move on to the next one.

Hello world. Wello Horld.

I think I've commented before, but hi!


I'm finding more and more wonderful perspectives reading cross-field; keep up the good work!

I write spoken-word role-playing games.

Hi Chris,

Although I haven't commented (or blogged) for a while, I'm still reading your blog.

I recently switched from game programmer to game designer and I'm currently working on two casual games.


I found this place by reading about Patterns of Play. Your essays were very informative and I hope to keep that stuff in mind while I redevelop a website of mine Battle of the Bits.

Only a Game had me reading specs on the TypePad website to find your RSSfeed. ;D/


I've been reading your blog since uh... a long time but have never commented before. I really enjoy your posts and am always impressed at your in-depth pieces on whatever it is that has interested you at the time. Excellent!

On my end I currently blog and am dedicated to a few location-based gaming projects. It's fun!

Anyhow, consider this lurker reached out to...


I've commented before, but hello, anyway. I find your work very interesting, especially when you approach games from a philosophical angle. Only a Game convinced me that I had to read Caillois, and I'm very glad I did.

Why not check out my game, S3QUENC3R, on Kongregate? Feedback is always welcome!


Been engaging in vicarious learning (i.e. lurking) on here for a while!

Alas, my resources for intelligent and thoughtful commenting are perilously low at the moment thanks to a new baby in the house (and then in and out of hospital with a scare). And 'me too' or off the cuff posts are moves I don't really want to make in this game: I like the high standard of consideration here, and while my brains are fried with sleep deprivation I think I can probably best contribute by shutting up. :-)


Interesting stuff that I am sadly only able to skim. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the comments, lurkers! :) Much appreciated. I'm totally swamped at work right now, but if I get a chance I'll check out some of the links that have been given!

Thanks again!

Well. Returning to lurk mode. (cue sound effect)

Hello, fantastic blog you have here. I like the mix of topics from game design to philosophy - everything is interesting to me. I used your DGD1 audience model in a class presentation about player rewards (with full credit given, of course) and am looking forward to reading more about the DGD2 model. =)

Hmm. I commented in recent months, though only on old posts I think. I still haven't tried out Black Sun with my friends yet, but I might when I get a little more spare time (birthday or summer holiday).


Hello excellent, well written blog!

Hello wordsmythe!

Thanks for all the information.

I'm still catching up on your blog posts... I'll have responses later....

Hi Chris,

I'm still here, as always. I don't have much time to comment these days, but your blog is one of the few in my reader that has consistently interesting posts. Alas, that number seems to be getting smaller and smaller.

Hi Chris,

Big time lurker, small time poster.

Guilty lurker here. Great blog though man. Always good reads. I'll try to comment more.

Hey there. Jason Scott, working on a documentary on interactive fiction and doing a site called

I read your game posts and immediately delete your philosophy posts.

Thanks for making yourself known, everyone!

I like to hear from the lurkers from time to time, but please don't feel in any way obligated to comment - lurkers are welcome, I just like to hear from the "silent majority" from time to time. It feels homely to do so. :)

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