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Gamers versus the Quick Time Event

For the next week, ihobo and The Minigames Court are conducting a trial to determine if QTEs are a Crime Against Gamers. The case for the prosecution and the defence can be found over at the ihobo site in For or Against QTEs. Here's an extract:

Quick Time Events, or QTEs, are sequences in videogames which occur suddenly and ask the player to input a particular control to avoid a penalty (often death). They date back to the 1983 Cinematronics arcade machine Dragon's Lair, the gameplay of which consisted of nothing more than QTEs, but the term “Quick Time Event” was coined by Yu Suzuki in reference to sequences in his game Shenmue which featured numerous action sequences requiring sudden control input to be completed. But are you for QTEs, or against them?

Then, when you've made your decision, you can vote "Guilty!" or "Not Guilty!" in Trial by Geek: QTEs over in the Minigame Court. (If you start at ihobo, you can follow a link at the end of that piece to take you to the trial). You have until next Wednesday to decide the fate of this (allegedly) scurrilous game mechanic!