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New Poll: Classes in Role-playing Games


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Its good to know that there are still 38% of really stubborn people out there :-)

Given that the distinction between the first two items is what prompted the poll in the first place, what does this tell us?

Gail: well, 38% of the people who pass through this part of the net, at least - I doubt they're a representative sample of the populace at large. :D

Peter: Well as a straw poll, it's not the most accurate of instruments, of course, but I find it interesting that a third of people split into these two "want the win"/"don't want to lose" groupings.

What it suggests to me is that a much more sophisticated investigation between these two attitudes might be worth constructing.

Can you conceive of a research programme that might be able to explore this space? It strikes me as non-trivial to come up with an empirical investigation for this.

Best wishes!

there games are being boring to play..

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