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The Clanking of Gears

The shock of the return to work has rather thrown me sideways, but rest assured I am getting prepared to return to normal service next week. I'll be wrangling comments this week, and a few other housekeeping tasks. In the meantime, here are a few snippets...

  • My sister and her husband got me Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations as a present, which I have been looking forward to reading for absolutely ages. It touches upon philosophy of mind, which I hope to get to on the blog later this year. If anyone has any suggested reading on the subject, do let me know.  
  • In a change to the published programme, I am delaying the Religion in Science Fiction serial until after GDC. Instead, I shall be running a short serial on Myths of Evolution. I originally wrote this as a Focus piece, but it became readily apparent it would work better as a serial.
  • The unstoppable Bezman has claimed victory in the I Spy... Temporal Anomalies minigame, with second place going to dj i/o, and Katherine stealing third from Jose Zagal. You can see the results over in The Minigame Court, and the Virtual Cup is here, now inscribed with Bezman's victory link ( A new minigame begins next week, or thereabouts.
  • Speaking of the Religion in Science Fiction serial, does anyone know the date the last episode of Battlestar Galactica is due to air? I'm wondering whether to wait for this before proceeding...
  • Also, I don't suppose anyone knows how the freestyle tricks work in Skydiving (or Go! Sports Skydiving) on the PS3? The manual is as laughibly ropey as the game itself.

Happy Gregorian New Year everyone!


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Oooh, I love Philosophical Investigations. Hooray!

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