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Sheri Graner Ray: Blogger

It's official - a mere three years after I first obsequiously pleaded for Sheri to blog, Sheri now has her own place to rant! The new blog, FEM IRL (female in real life) has been live for a while now, but I've been waiting for Sheri's permission to host her "coming out ball", as if she were a debutante, and not a Texan tiger.

To celebrate this victory for blogkind, over on ihobo I have an interview with Sheri in which we both rant about the rather short-sighted attitude of the videogames industry when it comes to gender and diversity in general. Here's an extract:

The game industry has long been looking for the “silver bullet” that one magic title that all women will play. They thought they had it with the “pink” Barbie games. Then they thought they had it with the Sims games. Currently they think they have it with the “casual” online games. Each of these categories of games has made money, but each time it results in the same thing, the entire market of “women” is re-categorized as one genre... There is no, one monolithic audience called “Women” who all want exactly the same thing in games. It actually is one million markets… each one with its own tastes and wants in entertainment. The only thing these markets share in common is a particular chromosomal make-up! 

Read the complete interview over on ihobo!


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The circle is complete.

The sleeper has awoken...? :-)

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