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I seem to have finished playing Spamsweeper, the Blog game where you guess which of the comments that look like comments are really spam. It turned out to be almost all of them. If I have removed your genuine comment by mistake, let me know and I'll republish it - but I think in all honestly they were all fake.

PixelJunk, ihobo & GDC (ihobo)

While I was away, there were various things that went out on ihobo that didn't get flagged here:

  • PixelJunk Interview: An interview with Dylan Cuthbert of Q-Games about PixelJunk Eden and the PixelJunk games in general.
  • What is International Hobo? A shameless plug for the company so that anyone who received a business card at GDC would see something suitable when they followed the link.
  • GDC Snapshots: I just put this up now; a couple of photos from GDC. I would have liked to show something from Corvus and Michael's fantastic gathering but all of my photos turned out badly.