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So... What You Been Up To?


I seem to have finished playing Spamsweeper, the Blog game where you guess which of the comments that look like comments are really spam. It turned out to be almost all of them. If I have removed your genuine comment by mistake, let me know and I'll republish it - but I think in all honestly they were all fake.


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There's a comedy Flash game in there somewhere... little envelope icons as the buttons, and an irate poster shouting at you if you delete a genuine post.

Oh god I hate those types of comments.
BTW, your site is really cool, here's mine, where you can win free rocketpacks, a bottle of viagra and an excercizing machine that does all the excercize for me!




What's really funny is where they sound like they're agreeing with a point you're making, but then they try to link you to a site that disagrees with you!

Disclaimer: I don't have a blog, but I see these comments on other people's.

PS: I hate your capcha (captcha?), it is really hard for me to see and I comment at lunch at work so sound wouldn't be an option. You need a kittycapcha!

They keep coming... why am I being hit with so many of these messages now? It's maddening.

Kimari: is "pony" an insult now? :-/

Katherine: sorry to hear you struggle with the Captcha function... I daren't remove it lest it increase the volumne of incoming spam, although I have to say it looks like it's compromised anyway. *sigh*

only if you are little techy enough you can control spam.

Ha, this is a spam comment *about spam*! It was just too ironic for me not to leave it in. Congratulations, spammer, you survived the cull. :)


Way better than regular captchas. It has kitties! (or maybe ponies)

Katherine: That's a super cute authentication system. :) Alas, I don't think TypePad offers ad hoc authorisation applets, but I'll write to them.

Here's what I wrote to TypePad:


I have recently been having a great influx of spam comments on one of my blogs (onlyagame.typepad.com). I am wondering: is this because there is some robot that can beat Captcha (which seems likely), or is it because I am allowing authentication of comments and thus the spammers don't have to complete Captcha (which seems much less likely)?

Any advice that might help me curtail this would be welcome.

Also: I don't suppose you support the use of alternative applets for this kind of "mini-Turing test" e.g. http://www.thepcspy.com/kittenauth

This kind of system - visual recognition - is impossible to be hacked, while text recognition is a soluble problem. It's also terribly cute. :)

Although I am quite sure you won't be able to move immediately on such an idea, can I ask you to take this to committee for discussion? Spam is a serious issue, and TypePad deserves to have the best protection the internet can offer.

Thanks in advance,


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