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So... What was the 10-year business plan?

(Assuming it's not a secret.)

The article just mentions that you accomplished it - congratulations! - but never goes on to saw what it was/is.

Bezman: Oh please don't me break down the business plan. :o Short version: by the end of ten years we were to have established ourselves as experts in our field(s), have more than two dozen game credits and have a headcount of five. There were other more businessy bits to it, but that's the nutshell version. :)

Seems very admirable. Congratulations again!

I'm really curious though - how did you measure your success in establishing yourselves as experts?

If explaining is too private/annoying to do, please tell me.

"I'm really curious though - how did you measure your success in establishing yourselves as experts?"

There was no objective measurement of this in the original plan, to be honest, but getting appointed to the IEEE Player Satisfaction Task Force seems to meet this criteria. :)

Most of the original plan was about the number of clients, number of projects, cashflow etc. The boring stuff. I confess, we didn't hit many of those interim targets from the original plan, but it all worked out in the end all the same.

I don't mind explaining, but it's not the most interesting of subjects to my mind. :p

Enjoy your weekend!

Well, that's just about enough to satisfy my fierce curiousity.

Thanks. :-)

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