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Boomer After years of intentions foiled by international moves, my wife and I have finally adopted a puppy; an 8-week old black Labrador called Boomer. Because of the disruption to my usual schedule as we adapt and build a new routine, I'm struggling to get the blog time I would usually have. To help me adjust, I'm taking next week off, then I'll return with the previously mentioned "Bioethics mini-campaign".

Back soon!


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Congratulations Chris!

Take good care of that sweet black bundle of wonder. Retrievers are life-changing dogs. They're so naive and optimistic that you have to shield them from the crazy world of humans.

IT is lovevelu, I am drewling, congratulations for your pet, I do not know what elvese so say to you. take care M

Good thing you have that big park near you! Enjoy.

Oh - we have a crate that can be made spare if required and you don't already have one. Happy to drop it round if required.

Thanks for the congratulations everyone!

We already have a crate, Peter, but I appreciate the offer! It would be great to arrange for you to come around anyway sometime in the next month, as for the purposes of socialisation we want little Boomer to meet as many people as possible before he is 12 weeks old.

(I also would like to arrange a friendly encounter with a cat, but this might be difficult to arrange!)

Best wishes!

Friendly encounters with cats might be troublesome - Fermat and Faith would definitely run a mile each. Reason *might* be persuadeable - we can try.

Happy to come over and say hi. Got an idea for a game and some ideas on how to make it, but it needs playtesting. The idea's even simpler than The Joy of Socks...

So cuuuuuuuuute ^__^

Incidentally, given recent comments on your posts, there has to be a blog post in it somewhere about "Does Dog exist?"

Hooray for the addition of a peoples canis to your family!

"If dog did not exist, it would not be necessary to walk him". :p

Peter: will try and send out email and texts to our wider circle of Manchester friends the week-after-next (my sister is up to visit next week) - but reality may intervene, as it sometimes does! :)

Cheers for the congratulations everyone!

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