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Some Construction Required

As I mentioned before, I'm planning to have a Bioethics (ethics of life) mini-campaign this Summer. However, it transpires that I'm not quite ready to begin. I have to revise some of my materials, and furthermore I am missing a few foundational pieces. Consequently, I shall have to delay the start of this by a few weeks.

As regular players may be aware, later posts here frequently reference earlier posts. This is both a natural tendency and something I contrive to achieve by design. Thus, pieces often appear precisely because I intend to reference them in later pieces. This saves me from constantly linking to prosaic pre-existing text, such as the Wikipedia (as happened in the early days of the Game) and it also allows me to construct more complex positions on a firmer foundation. Additionally, it encourages me to  try and break long pieces down into shorter component pieces, which I hope helps to make the blog less impenetrable, as well as focussing discussions by limiting the scope of individual pieces.

(And yes, despite yesterday's claim, it seems I have begun posting this week after all, although games posts will begin next Wednesday).


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