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What Would An Old Steve Martin Have Looked Like?

Steve martin.44 vs 64 What would Steve Martin have looked like if he had allowed himself to age? I found myself pondering this when he was hosting Saturday Night Live earlier this year, since alas, he has chosen plastic surgery in preference to natural ageing. You can see the outcome of his operation in the opening picture, which shows Mr. Martin at age 44 (in the movie Parenthood) and age 64, as he is now.

Now I am not entirely opposed to plastic surgery; I have some sympathy for Dolly Parton's claim that “If I see something sagging, bagging, and dragging, I’m going to nip it, tuck it, and suck it. Why should I look like an old barn yard dog if I don't have to!” But I worry about a culture that has so valourised youth that the rich and famous feel obligated to hide their actual age.

I imagine Steve Martin would have looked wonderfully distinguished at 64; instead, he looks like a slightly mauled wax visage of his younger self. Am I alone in wishing our celebrities might be encouraged to age gracefully?


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I'm mainly shocked that Steve Martin is 64!

If we want to encourage celebrities to age graceful I think we, first, need to encourage them to live gracefully.

But that seems to run counter to the nature of celebrity and the way their lives and behaviour are constantly examined and picked apart.

Of course we could just replace them androids. That would work.

Right there with you.

I don't like idea of pursuing that aim... I mean being artificially looking younger... Firstly it honestly does not look better... Kind of like plastic and also people faces become less expressive and emotional after that... Probably it is a problem of such techniques still being far from level of nature.

And secondly idea of pursuing that aim feels kind of wrong, week, seek... Even tough I am not religious. But that just me.

Strange, my girlfriend and I were just talking about Steve Martin this weekend, she says she sees him on TV playing Banjo now. I said "he's probably starting to look pretty old now, isn't he?" ...

(having not seen him in a long time, and having no idea he is doing surgery)

Now I doubt the crowd here are truly a representative sample, but if we're all broadly against stars trying to deny their age, where is the actual pressure for plastic surgery coming from?

The paranoia and insecurity of the stars themselves? Or the perceptions of their agents as to the market value of an older star?

I saw Steve Martin in the movie, 'It's Complicated' over Christmas holiday and to be honest, I thought maybe he was suffering some illness until I read that he was doing plastic surgery.....why do people do this to themselves???? I thought he looked terrible and was concerned for him.

I sort of feel like I would expect that from him, which is sad. He is such a talented comedian and writer who seems to have these ambitions to become a serious hollywood actor. It's as if the plastic surgery is a kind of over compensation. Waxy is a perfect way to describe it.

I watched "It's Complicated" with a group of girlfriends on Monday night. We loved the film, but all left feeling that Alec Baldwin, with his imperfections, was the preferred choice. Steve Martin, who I have admired all my adult life, looked like a waxwork. I cannot imagine how anyone would be able to relate to him without being distracted by his obviously altered features. Quite apart from the fact that he was funny and charming, most of the women watching the film wanted it to "work out" between Streep and Baldwin, not Streep and Martin. Says a lot, doesn't it. Maybe charm and a beer gut is more attractive than wit and an alien face.

Thanks for the comments everyone! This is starting to feel a little mean spirited towards Mr. Martin, but then, everyone has to face the consequences of their own actions, I suppose...

Seems as if the surgery has backfired on Martin. He looked like someone laid out but still walking and talking. Yes Baldwin was better because he was real. I wonder if Streeps line in the movie "somehow some people with plastic surgery appear to be fake" was written for him after the event. Anyway it appears as if his film career is over. Sad.

I couldn't believe how plastic Steve Martin looked in his latest movie. It is such a shame. I turned off the movie (netflix) because I couldn't stand to look at him. It is so sad to see 'father of the bride' succomb to the pressures of the affluent aged. I expected better of him.

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