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Doctor Who - Finished!

Troughton02 After essentially a lifetime of watching the British children’s science fiction show Doctor Who, I have finally watched every single episode and serial (or at the very least, listened to them while watching production stills).

I came to the end of this journey on Monday this week (the anniversary of the broadcast of the very first episode, An Unearthly Child) as I watched the final Patrick Troughton serial The War Games, a mere handful of days after watching the most recent episode, The Waters of Mars. The War Games was a fantastic serial to close on, a rambling yet neatly constructed mystery which evolves into a tense power struggle, building nicely to a conclusion which I have longed to see for many years on account of it being the first appearance of the Doctor’s people, the Time Lords.

I’d like to thank a number of people for helping me get to this point, including UK Gold for airing the Pertwee to McCoy era episodes on an infinite loop for many years, Matt Mower for his once prodigious collection of Doctor Who videotapes, the Who fandom at large for making reconstructions of the huge number of lost serials, the geeks of the internet for sharing these serials as torrents so that I was able to watch them, and of course the BBC for making the show in the first place.


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You are quite welcome. That period was a happy one with so many Dr. Who fans in the house!

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