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Emerging from Torpor

Greetings and salutations!

Having been away from the blog for a while has given me a chance to reconsider how I engage with it (and, by extension, with the players of this blog). I don't have all the answers yet, I'm still feeling my way, but here is the potted version of my plans for the time being:

  • Tuesdays will remain the Focus essays, but this will be the only regular scheduled part of the blog for the time being.
  • When there is a Serial, it will run on Thursdays as before. I'll either switch between Focus and Serial, or I'll run the Focus essays in parallel with the serial - this won't get resolved until after Gregorian New Year, since I'm not writing another serial until 2010.
  • I'm dropping the requirement for me to post on games at least once a week. I think this was giving me difficulties as I just don't have something to say on games every week at this point in my life. From now on, posts on games will arrive when I have something I want to write about (taking a leaf from Danc's playbook...)
  • I'm going to try and get back to the more freeform style of blogging I was exploring in the early days of the blog, albeit with less time in my life to do so. To this end, I will be trying to post Shorts (500 words or less) "at will" during the week.
  • I'm suspending the polls for the time being. They may return, I just need a break from them right now.
  • I still like the Minigames, but trying to run them monthly was too much to handle. I'll aim to run these quarterly instead, but I won't worry if I don't have time.

That's about where I'm up to for now. I'm hoping to freestyle through December, although I have a few topics for discussion I'd like to table as soon as I have time to write up my thoughts.

See you in the comments!


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This is very good news, that you have realised that all the rules you created around your blogging were self-inflicted and you could cast them aside at will.

Glad you're back - in whatever form :)


Great to hear Chris. I'm looking forward to your new format.

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