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I'm a PC, and I Hate It

You may have seen the Windows 7 advertisements that make rather spurious claims that Microsoft took guidance from their ordinary users in deciding what to put into the new version. Well, as a person forced to use Windows for work, what I would like to see in Windows is a resource-light, quick-starting, swiftly-running foundation of software that does little more than co-ordinate the hardware layer, allowing me to install what applications I choose over the top, and which is so robustly constructed that it remains in service for decades and not merely years. Computer scientists call it an "operating system". Any chance you could make Windows into one of those?


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Where on earth would you find one of those these days? MacOS isn't (slow start, bundled apps, bundled services); few Linux distros are (slow start, bundled apps, bundled services, now-bloated kernel).

That said, I still have a BBC Micro available should you wish a *really* rapid OS start and an OS that has remained in service for decades. It's not quite Y2K-compliant, but software is available to fix that. Think I could probably dig out Wordwise, too, if you don't mind fitting all your documents into 32k and don't want images.

Linux has a bloated kernel now? The end of the world is truly nigh! :p

Thanks for the offer of the BBC Micro; I'm sure breaking my manuscripts into scores of 32k pieces wouldn't be too inconvenient... Have you got a Commodore Pet, instead? If I'm going 'old school' I want a computer that will burst into flames when given the right Poke command - now *that's* a loyal machine! :D

I don't have a Pet but I can loan you a VIC-20 in very good condition if that helps ;)

I use Windows (xp), I know that's quite common, not that I am pro Windows or anything, I don't mind to be honest. Anyway, just to let you know that it takes my computer about 20 seconds to start, by starting I mean having the desktop ready to open a document or do any task. Sure I am not allowing any automatic updates of any type.

I wouldn't have liked you to think I was not posting in good faith, so I restarted my computer to check accurately Windows starting time: 29 seconds.
Anyway, pointless information.

I think the internet / universe would implode if Microsoft actually started making usable software. Somewhere out there is a dimension where Microsoft writes lean and solid code, oil companies voluntarily invest in cleaner power sources, and I am dating Felicia Day...

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get to work on my dimensional shifting device (too bad for me it runs on Windows).

Roman Age: "Windows starting time: 29 seconds."

I'll have to time my XP start up... I think it's about 90 seconds, plus another 30 seconds for it to actually be usable! :) And this is with a relatively high end "gaming" machine that I use for work!

Andre C.: Can I pre-order one of those dimensional shifters? I want to find the dimension where I had huge financial success and borrow money. ;)

As soon as I get the prototype working, I'll send you the plans :)

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