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To give more time for discussion of last week's Virtual, Fictional and Real, there is no new Focus post this week. The serial continues on Thursday as usual.

Some live points of discussion:

  • The definition of "real" could be tightened to talk about that which is 'measurable independent of a measurer'. Does this keep out everything expressly defined as virtual?
  • The definition of "virtual" may need adjusting; what is it that is gestured at with the examples of money, nations  and persons, and how could this best be expressed?
  • Must things which we admit are not fiction (i.e. have no prescription to imagine, are not props in a game of make-believe etc.) be either virtual, real or supersensible, or might there be things which fall between these gaps?
  • If that which is "fictional" has effects upon us outside of the prescription to imagine - e.g. reading a book affects how we look at the world afterwords - is fiction also virtual? Always, or only sometimes?
  • To what extent does this previous point extend e.g. if I write a micro-story ("Once upon a time there was a squirrel. The end.")  does this have any virtual effect? If we say yes, does this mean the virtual definition is too loose?

Please use the comments of the original post to continue the discussions. Many thanks!