Virtual, Fictional and Real

Prolegomenon to Forthcoming Philosophical Musings

The post that follows, “Virtual, Fictional and Real”, is intended to serve as an introduction to the main philosophical topics I expect to be discussing over the year ahead. As such, I hope that we can get some discussion out of this post, which in turn will feed into the philosophical investigations that lie ahead. It also foreshadows the serials to come this year, namely Kendall Walton’s “Mimesis as Make-Believe” and Derek Parfit’s “Reasons and Persons”.

Beginning this Thursday, a new serial on Kant’s “Critique of Judgement” (as suspected, this didn’t fit neatly into two posts), which I expect to run for about two months. It will, in true Kantian style, be subdivided into two “Divisions”: Kant on Aesthetics and Kant on Intelligent Design.

Have fun!


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