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Coming Attractions: Mimesis as Make-Believe

That's the end of the Game this winter, as I'm off for my Spring trip to the States. Before I go, I want to briefly mention the new blog project that begins shortly after I return. It's the biggest endeavour I've attempted on my blogs so far, and consists of several inter-related elements:

  • Mimesis as Make-Believe (Serial on Only a Game)
    What are the foundations of the representational arts? In this summary of the work of  the philosopher Kendall Walton we examine the make-believe theory of representations. Art - whether sculpture, painting, novel or otherwise - can be seen as a prop in a game of make-believe, quite similar to the way in which a child uses a doll or a toy gun as a prop in an imaginative game. Examining representations in this way reveals a striking perspective on the way we experience the world.
  • Game Design as Make-Believe (Serial on ihobo)
    It is often asked whether videogames are art, but in this serial (based upon the work of Professor Walton) the issue becomes reversed and all art is seen as a game. Adapting the make-believe theory of representations to videogames, boardgames and tabletop role-playing games, a new way of thinking about game design is developed - one in which we design props that prescribe specific imaginings for players. These props can have representational or functional aspects, but imagination always remains at the root of the play that is generated.
  • Walton on Make-Believe (Interview on Only a Game)
    To conclude this sequence, Professor Walton has kindly agreed to an interview about his make-believe theory of representations, and how it relates to the way we perceive the world around us.

Thanks to everyone who played in the Game this winter! It would be no fun without you.

Only a Game returns in April.


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Wow. Just wow!

Kudos on securing an interview with Walton. I would recommend that you share your interview findings on Leiter Reports as it would attract some interest.

While I'm on your actual web page (instead of GReader), I'd like to say that I loved your serial on Kant' third critique. If I ever get my PhD done I'll have more to say professionally on this issue as it is a very interesting set of issues.

With Kind Regards

Michael: wow - can't believe anyone has actually heard of Walton! >:)

I've never heard of Leiter Reports, but I'm happy to take some steps to ensure that anyone interested in what I'm doing has some vague hope of finding it. ;)

And thanks for the kind words about the serial - I really enjoyed working through Kant's Critique of Judgement and it's always nice to know that the time spend sharing my perspective with others is time well spent.

Good luck with your PhD!

PS: I had a look at the Leiter Reports but it just seems to be someone's blog, so I don't quite know how I would post a notification... Advice welcome. :)

Sounds great!

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