Kant on Intelligent Design (4): Kant on Darwin
Wendy Despain Elected to IGDA Board

Kant's Critique of Judgement

This serial ran in two divisions of four parts from January 14th to March 4th 2010 (eight parts in total). The first four parts deal with the opening half of Immanuel Kant's classic 1790 philosophical treatise, the Critique of Judgement, and are concerned with aesthetics, while the second four parts deal with the latter half of the book and are concerned with teleology (what has recently come under scrutiny as intelligent design). Each of the parts ends with a link to the next one, so to read the entire serial, simply click on part one in the first division, below, and then follow the "next" links to read on.

Here are the eight parts:

        First Division: Kant on Aesthetics

  1. Introduction
  2. The Beautiful
  3. Nature versus Art
  4. Taste

        Second Division: Kant on Intelligent Design

  1. Introduction
  2. Organisms as Natural Purposes
  3. Mechanism versus God
  4. Kant on Darwin

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Serial+. Would serial again.

This serial was featured in the 116th Philosopher's Carnival, my first appearance in this interblog event, but certainly not my last!

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